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Welcome to the Vidhucraft Wiki

What this server is about:

Vidhucraft was started by a group of friends. Founded by Vidhu, Ysbs and Fluidity, we strive to achieve a clean and friendly community. As this small group, we enjoy helping, building and generally playing with other members on the server. We try to ensure everyone gets equal love and attention! However that being said, we are very strict on our rules, but in a good way. We encourage people to not cheat, use Mods or hacks to give themselves an advantage over others.

What your objective is:

To create a town and add friends to join your community to expand your town to make it the best on the server. You can make a Nation to join towns together.

Why you should come play with us:

  1. We're an international server, meaning we get players from all over the place.
  2. We're very welcoming, we enjoy your company. We value your contribution to the server.
  3. We hate griefers, with a passion :P
  4. We will try to keep your constructions safe and backed up.
  5. We'll help you out with anything on request.
  6. There's loads of ranks and commands you can get.
  7. We talk on Teamspeak/Skype. Follow the guide here .
  8. We have lots of plugins to enjoy. We will also consider adding new ones by request.
  9. Each player is a different character,you'll always meet someone unique and new.


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